Extensive experience in all aspects
of contract management

Paralaw has worked on the negotiation, execution and management of numerous large-scale and complex commercial contracts, whether domestic or multi-jurisdictional, and carried out innumerable due diligence contract review exercises.

In addition, we offer a complete outsourced online contract management solution: the Paralaw Contract Portal.

Our dedicated web based system provides secure encrypted access of the client's contracts to client-nominated groups of authorised individuals.

We consolidate executed contract changes to ensure that all contracts are kept up-to-date, with all amendments clearly displayed and with links to the original signed documentation providing an at a glance full document audit trail. The Paralaw Contract Portal also incorporates smart defined term and cross-reference functionality, to assist users to rapidly understand and navigate even the largest contracts.

In addition, our new Obligations Extraction Module can be used to quickly and accurately identify and extract obligations from contracts, allowing contracts to be managed more efficiently by the contract's in life delivery team.