Creation and implementation
of cost-effective LPO processes

Paralaw has extensive experience in creating and implementing legal support processes for clients.

Working closely with the client, our project managers design robust processes that achieve the client's desired outcomes whilst keeping within tight timelines and budgets.

Paralaw can develop bespoke playbooks and processes to standardise common legal functions such as populating templates, extracting obligations, contract review and amendment, completing forms and legal database input.

The playbook having been developed, project managers then manage our paralegal teams who undertake the work. We will establish key performance indicators to monitor the team's speed and quality of output, as well as keeping a close eye on the performance of the playbook itself.

As in all aspects of our work, we are agile enough to respond quickly to any change in scope, or to issues or problems that arise; where the client needs support unforeseen at the start, we are not merely bound by the processes agreed in the playbook but can leverage our other capabilities to provide the appropriate support.